27th march 2018
today I built this little thing that randomly generates app icons. don't have anywhere on the site to post stuff like this yet, so just going to leave it here. seeya - smith!
26th march 2018
hi, reworked the homepage again. these skeletons were meant to be placeholders but I sort of like them. also added some new pages that I plan on filling in the future. not sure if the site is going to work on mobile any more, I've messed with all that code. seeya - smith!
4th march 2018
Hey! There's been a snowstorm here so I've had loads of time to work on art. Posted the new stuff on the art page. Seeya! - smith

17th feburary 2018
Hidee! Added lists to all my favourite films. Check them out on the "lists" page.
Seeya! - smith

12th february 2018
Hi! Just reworked the homepage. Should work on desktop and mobile. Hope ya like it.
Seeya! - smith

10th february 2018
Heyo! I've been working on things behind the scenes that should be available soon.
Seeya! - smith

3rd february 2018
S'up dude. Just updated the whole website so have a look around.
Seeya! - smith