i want to go back home now

11th march 2018

Walking through DCU and saw a girl from school I haven't spoken to for a while, walking with a guy I knew from Drama. I knew the two of them didn't know I knew the other, I did the bit where you say "hi" to one of them and pretend to introduce yourself to the other one. The two revealed they were dating and I gave the guy some advice for dating the girl. Then I asked the girl could we be friends again, but she said that we just couldn't get along as friends. I started leaving and said goodbye to the guy, but quickly asked him how long they'd been dating. He told me they've been dating for two years. I remembered the girl had been dating someone else a year ago, I started telling him that but then he told me "I don't want to know."
I left for the building behind me as I found an iPhone on the ground. I picked it up and began asking people where the lost and found was, they all pointed me further into the building. I continued until a woman started shouting about how this building was about to close, I hurried up, now under pressure to find the lost and found before the building was about to close. The sprinklers began going off, spraying the hallways with water, as I began running down a stairway, I was getting lower and further into the building. The sprinkers continued and I kept going further, the hallways began to fill up entirely with water. I struggled in the water and assumedly drowned.

4th march 2018

Lost the beginning of this dream. There was something to do with swimming the woods when I got a phonecall I was to go to Limerick. I'd been snapchatting my old girlfriend(weird version of Snapchat where her world surrounded me while I snapchatted her.) she was complaining about being in an old classroom. I told her I was going to Limerick and she stepped through her snap to get a lift. We got to the car, where I revealed I wasn't too confident in my driving skills and she said she'd drive instead. The car was a convertible. We got to Limerick, her going to the university and I went to the theatre where the festival was on.
I've forgotten the majority of the play, but it did go on for quite a while. At one point an actress revealed the play was now going to turn into a game of Werwolf. Three of the audience members would be "killed" and would have to leave the theatre. Me and the two friends I was with laid on top of each other in the theatre to hide, as masked performers walked around selecting those to remove. I was the last person chosen and had to leave, as we left we were told there would be another performance on tomorrow so we could catch the ending then. As we walked down the theatre we bumped into my girlfriend who was on the phone.

7th february 2018

I only remember vague moments. The word was covered in snow and the roads were flooded. Every road was squashed up, no wide lanes left. The cars were all golf cart hybrids. I was being picked up by Andrew but as we drove he turned into Pierce. We got to a restaurant and were shocked to find two girls from my secondary school were eating there. We got our own table.

15th january 2018

This is more of a general thing about my dreams. There were two girls in my primary school that I haven't seen in about eight years. For quite a long time now the two have regularly appeared in my dreams. The two don't have much to do with the plot or the main goals I have in my dreams, instead they'll simply be sitting on a bus I get on or standing in a room I pass through. In general they don't speak directly to me, the two just talk about me to each other. I rarely remember what they say when I woke up, but from what I remember it's typically a simple solution to the problems I face.

28th december 2017

It's already gone quite fuzzy. I had to go to a mountain range for a film shoot. My parents dropped me off there. The mountain range turned out not to be a mountain range at all, and it's going to be hard to describe what it was. Imagine a massive 8bit style painting. Full of loads of images and layers upon layers of grafitti. Cartoon characters and american presidents, all sorts of stuff. As we zoom in, all those pixels have been made up of buildings with roads in between outlining the images. The whole things was a massive maze, going vertically at times too. I directed my parents to the place I needed to go, I remembered the way as I'd been there the day before. I've completley forgotten what happened while I was actually there, but at some point we went to lunch. We tried to get to the college canteen, the way was blocked, so we went into a back-way. Due to the messiness of the maze, we ended up going into a similar looking building. I realised this was the second college canteen, one I'd never been in. The food here was a lot nicer, cheaper too. I picked out a few things to eat, adding up to 2 euro. I brought to the cashier who was an older woman. She scanned the items and told me it would be 2 euro. I opened my wallet, I only had 5 euro, I gave it to her apoligising for not having smaller change. She said "that's fine, but I've decided not to give away any money to save confusion." I told her that giving away money is how a store makes money, but she refused to believe me. As we argued I woke up.